Hair Care Tips

Hair will have minimal shedding. To reduce the amount of shedding always comb and brush your hair from the ends to the root. 

Treat your hair extensions as you would your natural hair as this will give your hair extensions a longer lifespan.

Shampoo your extensions every other week, while co-washing every week. You may need to wash your extensions more often if you use heavy products. 

Dirt and product buildup are the main cause of tangling of your extensions. Thoroughly wash and condition your extensions.

Always use a heat protectant when applying heat to your extensions. (Blowdrying, flatironing, and curling)

We do not recommend using excessive heat on your extensions, as this can cause heat damage which may cause your extensions to be dry and to shed.

Curly and Wavy extensions require daily maintenance. Hair should be moisturized daily.